15 Mens Fashion Companies to Watch in 2022

TechRound Lists PoBO in their Mens Fashion Companies to Watch in 2022!

PoBO has been selected by TechRound as one of 15 Mens Fashion Companies to Watch in 2022. It is great to see so many cool brands featured and of course to be one of them! We are also very pleased that people are increasingly interested in sustainable apparel brands like PoBO.

The Mens Fashion Companies to Watch in 2022 were chosen by TechRound’s internal team who considered a range of criteria. The team looked at the company/startup’s ethos, background, motivation and the quality and usability of the products/services offered.

Izzy Murphy, Reporter at TechRound, commented:

“It’s been absolutely amazing to learn about so many companies creating beautiful and innovative products. The fashion companies featured throughout the article have excellent motivations and ideas, and it has been great to include companies which specialise in a variety of areas including streetwear, sportswear and accessories.

Commenting Specifically on PoBO, Izzy said:

“We were delighted to be able to include PoBO in TechRound’s Mens Fashion Companies to Watch in 2022! PoBO’s designs are unique, stylish and are expected to massively increase in popularity this year. It is also fantastic to include a company that priotitises sustainability alongside fashion in an industry which generates so much waste. We are thrilled to see what’s coming for PoBO this year!”

Thank you, TechRound, for the great coverage!

You can read the full article here and check out our collection.