The Story

PoBo = Positive by Ownership

This is about taking ownership of our positive mindset, life and impact on the world around us.

I Am Dario

I am the founder of PoBO. I am a shameless creative mind. I used to have a successful career in the city but I have loved fashion design, music making and art all my life.

I left my job, went to London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. I joined the Slow Innovation Brands incubator and started shaping a fun brand which is sustainable to the core. This is still very much a new way of doing business but I believe it's THE way forward.

When we open an independent brand’s page, we approach it in the same way we look at the big guys with teams of amazing creatives, dedicated factories, PR agencies and tones of money. We do things differently here - everything is inevitably very personal and we need to look at every single tiny detail ourselves. It is a mix of creative inspiration and guiding principles.

My inspiration came from the artists of Group Zero. This was described as "a zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning."

They wanted to hit the reset button on modern art and I am amongst those who believe that now is the time to do the same with fashion. SUSTAINABILITY→